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Job title (used by employer): WELDER 111- ISCO code (4-digit): 7212 Job description/Scope of responsibilities: Welding pipelines and steel constructions, prefabricating pipelines and steel constructions. REQUIREMENTS APPLIED TO CANDIDATE Education: Not required Professional experience: Would be an advantage Foreign languages skills: Not required Skills: Welding pipelines and steel constructions Entitlements (i.e. driving license): An up-to-date cartificate of welding in 111 method Others: Not required REMUNERATION AND EMPLOYMENT CONDITIONS Gross salary in PLN: Negotiated individually with the employer Remuneration system: Monthly Employment place: Poland, other EU, EEA and EFTA countries Date of beginning of the job: From now Employment period: 3-month trial period followed by a temporary contract Full time/Part time job: Full-time Number of working hours per week: 40 Shifts and work on days off: Shifts Accommodation: Covered by the employers Food: At one's own expense Travel costs to Poland: Employer may subsidize the costs of travel Others: - HOW TO APPLY Documents required by employer (i.e. cover letter, CV, etc.): CV and the certificates Language of documents to be submitted: (official EU languages only): English Where to send documents required by employer (postal address, email, fax number, etc.) Employer: biuro@semihr.pl Date of publishing the job vacancy: 19.05.2012 Closing date of job vacancy: 13.07.2012
Por : biuro biuro@semihr.pl
Fecha/Hora : 21/06/12 03:19:28

Respuesta : Im a welder and im interested in work in your country. call me please. My phone number is 07582706538 Thanks
DIA/HORA : 01/07/12 06:34:48

Respuesta : iam a welder and very interesting in work in noruega i have 6years of experency for weld i speak english ,french.spanish my number is 0034 632 332 470
DIA/HORA : 05/07/12 19:38:13

Respuesta : I am a welder and am interested in working in Norway. I have over 15 years experience. My level off english is basic. I am spanish and my phone is 0034 637 95 28 55
DIA/HORA : 12/07/12 20:21:19

Respuesta : Hei Jeg heter Emmanuel.jeg skal sokke jobbe welding.Im originaly from cameroon but I have the Spanish passport.before I working in Spain but allmost one year ago I haven't work that why I travel to Norway.I have six days in Oslo and every thursday afternoon and every saturday morning I going to the school to learn norwish(norvegian language).I have more than six years experience in the welding(mig-mag:metal inert gas -metal active gas)area.so now I loocking for any oportunity to start my life newly.I speack French,Spanish, English(but now my level is low because I don't practice). If is posible please help me b'cause Im in the need. Hade
DIA/HORA : 13/07/12 11:48:09

Respuesta : hei min navn er Pedro, jeg er studerer norsk for a ga til arbeid meg a like har en
DIA/HORA : 12/08/12 20:05:13

Respuesta : I am spanish. I am very interesting to work in Norway.I have 20 years experience. My telephone 0034 634419413.I need this job because i have a family and no work from 1 year.Viele tanks.
DIA/HORA : 17/08/12 10:25:31

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